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, most of the best on the market have LED bulb which is very efficient and effective in performance.

The 250 Lumen LED Switch features a high powered ® Q5 solid state diode – one of the brightest LEDs available .

I’ve bought several diver style , made by Pelican, that are kinda . Definitely NOT , but bright, good battery life, and rugged.

Military Grade LED XML T6 3000 Lumens 5 Mode – Get 2 for Only $19.95. Sale $19.95 Regular $59.95.


Tactical Riflescopes, Valdada Scopes, Minox, IOR Scopes

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Bright 1000 Lumen LED Waterproof AA Torch Lamp .

The brightest and LED at 5.11 for police, military, and everyday use. yours and up the dark.

But if I’m illuminating a bad guy whom I might need to shoot to protect my life, the only setting I want on my is maximum brightness right f***ing .

Generic . Certified Led 1200 Lumens Brightness.

S2 pro rechargeable led flashlight.

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